Using AI To Customize PLR

After I was introduced to high quality uses for AI tools like Copy.AI and Chat GPT, it seemed a good idea to spend time trying it out for myself.

I hosted a PLR & AI Date to work on implementing a package of done-for-you self-love content we created here at White Label Perks and enjoyed the experience of doing and brainstorming with members of the community.

Why do I call it a ‘Date’? Well, during the Same Day Ideas session on AI use, I said ‘If PLR were to marry AI, they could make some great babies LOL!’.  

The replay of our first PLR & AI Date is here:

And here’s part two:

For me there’s a clear choice about which AI tool to use.

I’ve invested in Copy.AI. I like the templates and just doing side by side comparisons with prompts, I like the results I get from Copy.AI over Chat GPT.

I’m going to host more! If you’d like to be in the know, subscribe to my list via Same Day Ideas. You’ll get instant access to replays, two of which are all about using AI. I’ll stay in touch and let you know when I’m working on my PLR & AI related projects.