The Power of AI: Enhancing Virtual Assistant Offerings

This Business related pack of done-for-you content is focused on “The Power of AI: Enhancing Virtual Assistant Offerings.

Use this content to support and encourage VAs and other freelancers!

Written by a Virtual Assistant with 16+ years of experience. They speak smartly about the concerns and opportunities that the advent of AI has introduced, this text only pack contains a 2947 word document perfect for an optin gift or a substantial blog post/article.

Of course you can use the content to record a podcast or even host an encouraging webinar for your community.

Quote from document:

As more and more people jump on the AI bandwagon, service providers like virtual assistants, writers, social media managers, and more, are voicing their concerns about whether their clients are going to start replacing them with AI.

Sure, it’s a legitimate concern, but AI can only do so much and there is no way it can replace human creativity or experience! It lacks a personal voice and don’t forget that it often spits out misinformation and needs to be fact-checked! So rather than wasting precious time and energy worrying about AI replacing you, you can better use that time & energy to focus on using AI to complement the services you provide!

We’ve also included six pre-written emails a freelancer can use to pitch their services to a client. (Get hired to create Affiliate Swipes, Social Media Content, Support Video Marketing, Help with Podcasting or Summit Hosting, and Email Marketing Tasks) Use these customizable emails to boost your billable hours this month!

You’ll receive:

  • Small Report/Article (2947 words)
  • Six Email Swipes (1863 Words)

We’ve included an abundance of resource links at the end of the article, many of which can be swapped out for an affiliate link – always be looking for ways to boost your income streams!

This content is ready to add your own thoughts and advice to (if you wish). It’s up to you how you use it!

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