Plan The Perfect Package Competition

How would you like to plan a future White Label Perks package just right for your content marketing needs?

Honestly, that’s what we do. Kelly & Avery sit down together and think about the content we’d like to use ourselves. It makes brainstorming fun and functional – and it gives birth to timely content other people find easy and profitable to implement!

This is how we see it, if you plan a package just right for you and we see it as having wide appeal, we’ll develop the package and reward you for your submission!

Reward #1: We’ll gift you the package you planned out. ($27.00 Value) You’ll have full private label rights to use the content. Take it and make it your own!

Reward #2: We’re going to send you a ‘My Big Idea Mug‘ coffee mug from Samantha’s new Happy Fun Sassy project.

Here’s how it works:

Give us a package idea you’d love access to.

Suggest a package title and write a paragraph or two that expresses what you’d like to see taught or shared in the package. Give us a simple five point outline that you’d love to see us follow and give us any additional thoughts you want to input.

Use the form below to make it super easy!

We’ll review your suggestion and let you know if we decide to use it!

Plan The Perfect Package Suggestion
Address (If your idea is selected, we'll mail you a mug!) *
Address (If your idea is selected, we'll mail you a mug!)