[MINI] Set of 50 Coaching Questions To Create A Card Deck

This Mini Package is focused on creating your own Coaching Card Set.

Want to create your own coaching card set to share with your clients to help them get the juices flowing.

Card decks are a publishing phenomenon we couldn’t wait to chime in on. People love the bite sized questions, stories and prompts they can pull out and take in in a small amount of time.

Card decks are a beautiful compliment to a book, or a first step towards writing one.

Whether you’d like to jump into having your own print on demand card deck or you’d like to provide them as a digital download resource – like mailing one in an email every week, we wanted to give life and transformational coaches a head start so we created a starter set of 50 coaching questions.

Use what you love, edit what you’d like to improve on, add your own questions – make it your own!

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This package includes:

  • 50 coaching question prompts
  • 10 editable card deck back templates (psd files included)



Download Now for $10!

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