Life Changing Kindness

This Self-Development related pack of done-for-you content is focused on “Life Changing Kindness“.

Would you like to inspire more kindness in the world? It happens one person at a time with the ideas shared in this prewritten content.

With over three thousand words ready for you, you can easily add your own stories of choosing kindness or receiving kindness and make it something uniquely you.

You’ll receive:

  • Small Report/Article (3100 words)
  • Three Meditation Scripts: Morning, Mid-Day & Bedtime (700 Words)
  • Three Recorded Meditations (Mp3 Files: Use as is or as an example to inspire your own recording)

One of the ideas included in the article is to practice Kindness Meditation, so we thought it’d be lovely to include a mini set of simple mediations that invite people to choose kindness from the inside – passing it around the world in life changing ways.

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