Frequently Asked Questions

What is PLR?

Why is some content called PLR, RR or MRR? What’s the difference?

How do I edit PLR graphics?

Can I put my name as the author on the PLR I buy?

How do I know the PLR content I want to buy is fresh?

How can PLR help me grow my mailing list?

Wouldn’t it be copying or plagiarizing to use this content?

What about duplicate content concerns with search engines?

Can I sell the PLR content I buy to others?

What are some ways to repurpose PLR content?

Can I publish PLR content in a Kindle Book?

Where can I find PLR for my niche?

Can I mix different PLR content together?

How can PLR content be used to increase my profits?

How can I keep my PLR content organized?

Can I use the PLR I buy more than once?

What should I look out for when buying PLR content?

How do I know how many other people are using the same content?

What are the benefits of using PLR? I mean, shouldn’t I just write it myself?

Do I need to change or edit the PLR content before publishing?

Will my customers/readers know I’m using PLR?

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