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kelly-fall-2017Hi!  I’m Kelly McCausey and I’ve known David Perdew for years.  I’m a big fan of everything he creates and have been blessed to have him speak and lead mastermind discussions at my Exposure & Profit events.

2015-05-01 14.18.00
David co-leading a Small Group Mastermind with Ronnie Nijmeh in May 2015, Exposure & Profit

Most Of Us Are Totally Missing Out On Something Super Important

Are you like the majority of online business owners – having just one optin offer?  It’s probably a sign up box on the side bar of your website, right?  Maybe, if you’ve been introduced to some cool tools, you have a pop up that offers the same gift.

This is a good start.  But so many site owners stop there.

Truth is, we need to have MULTIPLE Optin Offers on our website.

White Label Perks, a project I run together with the amazing Samantha Angel, offers a variety of customizable content packages designed to help you look amazing on social media and build your mailing list.

We’re All About Content Upgrades (We Call Them Perks!)

We write masterful content on topics that stand out. Then we create useful Content Upgrades that woo your readers onto your mailing list through a high targeted optin offer.  When you have dozens of blog posts offering these Content Perks, your list is growing faster than ever!

Our regular packages are a blend of content for your blog, with images and social posts ready to go AND complimentary optin perks designed to turn your visitor into a subscriber.

When You Pick Up This Bundle, You Enjoy Huge Savings!


Hot Topic Titles

The Struggle Is Real: Dealing With Procrastination (Open for details)

What’s Your Procrastination Telling You?;
Understanding Your Procrastination Style;
How to Stop Procrastinating and Tackle Difficult Projects;
Developing Systems to Help You Manage Procrastination;
Beat Procrastination by Finding an Accountability Partner.

Get Over Yourself & Launch Already (Open for details)

Failure to Launch: What’s Holding You Back?;
Use Simple & Free Tools to Launch;
How to Stop Over Tweaking Your Product;
Why A Tiny Launch Can Be Fun;
After the Launch: Keep Loving On Your Product

Good Morning Sunshine: How To Start Your Day Off On The Right Foot (Open for details)

What’s Your Natural Morning Personality?;
How to Nurture Your Mind and Body Every Morning;
Eliminating Morning Stress;
Morning Routines to Center You;
Morning Affirmations for Parents and Kids.

Meeting New People: A Battle Guide for Introverts (Open for details)

Do I Really Have To Network In Person?;
Choosing Events That Stress You The Least;
Watch The Vibes You’re Sending;
Create Situations that Suit You;
Have a Plan for Retreat and Recovery.

How To Come Up With Compelling Content Ideas For Your Community (Open for details)

What is Compelling Content;
Go To Sources for Evergreen Ideas;
Using Surveys and Suggestion Forms;
Crowd Sourcing an Epic Blog Post;
Going the Extra Mile with Story Telling.

Persuasive Copy Writing Basics (Open for details)

Persuasive Copywriting Basics: 4 Stubborn Myths That Keep You from Writing Compelling Copy;
5 Steps to Reach Your Readers on an Emotional Level;
Getting Started With Persuasive Copywriting: The First 3 Pieces of Content to Give A Makeover;
What to Do if You’re Struggling with Copywriting;
How to Know if Your Copywriting is Successful.

Mini Pack: Simple Tips For First Time Outsourcing (Open for details)

Misconceptions of Outsourcing;
What Should I Outsource?;
How to Find the Right Fit for You

Ease, Joy, and Flow Coloring Designs (Open for details)

Be Confident…You’re Gonna Rock This!
Be You
Ease & Flow
I Am Powerful Beyond Measure
I Can & I Will
I Can Let Go & I Will
I Love All Y’all But I Love Me The Most
I’m Not Giving Up!
I See You
Joyful Creative
Live Like You Love Life
Live Strong
Now Is The Time! Jump Into the Flow
People Need People
Thank You For The Joy You Bring Into My Life
What Makes You Feel Amazing. Do That!
Yes To Me
You Are More Wonderful Than You Know
You Fill My Life With Laughter

33 Blog Posts, 60 Beautiful Social Friendly Graphics,
180 Social Blurbs, 19 Coloring Pages & Six Journals!!

Bought individually, you’d spend $191.00 on the eight packs 
included, but you’ll rock the whole Bundle for only $47 🙂

Yes, it’s PLR Content!

Work With Inspiring Social Friendly Images Like These:


Super Easy To Implement Or Outsource!

Every image in every pack comes with a fully editable Photoshop file, ready for you to add your domain name or logo. You can use an online tool like Canva if you’re not a Photoshop user.

You’ll love putting these engaging packages into action!  Great content for your community to enjoy & super social posts to reach new people!

Testimonial-Christina Lerchen-david-bundle

Keep Your Influence & Reach Growing!

Great content like this gives you new opportunities to connect with your target market and invite them into relationship with you.  When you implement these packages you’ll be growing your mailing list – and your business!

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Kelly McCausey & Samantha Angel
White Label Perks

P.S.  Be sure to thank David for the awesome deal 🙂  He insisted on only the most amazing savings for his people!