How a One Day Summit Sets You Up for Success Opt-In Page

You want to create a virtual summit. But the actual setup and tech is stumping you. You’re stuck on how to move forward even though you’re filled with plenty of ideas on how you want to serve your community with your summit event.

With the How a One Day Summit Sets You Up for Success workbook, you’ll discover how to set up your summit, recruit speakers, and design an amazing marketing plan. Here’s a peek at what you’ll see in your workbook…

  • Choose the Goal of Your Virtual Summit
  • Planning Your Summit Event
  • Getting Help for Your Virtual Summit
  • Finding Speakers for Your Summit Event
  • Creating the Landing Page for Your Summit
  • Designing a Marketing Plan for Your Virtual Summit Event
  • It’s Here: Launch Your Virtual Summit with Style
  • Following Up After a Summit Event
  • Host Your First Virtual Summit Now

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