Turning Info Products into Group Coaching Opt-In Page

What would happen if you learned that creating a group coaching program can be easy? What if you found out you didn’t have to dedicate weeks to creating a curriculum? What if group coaching seemed fun and energizing?

With Turning Information Products into Group Coaching workbook, you’ll find out how to design a group coaching program that grows your business in exciting, new ways. You’ll discover how to create, launch, and promote your new program without any stress or fuss! Here’s a peek at what you’ll see in your workbook…

  • 3 Ways Group Coaching Can Boost Your Business
  • 4 Essential Questions to Ask as You Design the Program
  • Keeping Your Group Members Organized and On-Track
  • Create a Stellar Sales Page that Will Make Potential Clients Drool
  • Make a Promotional Plan to Get the Most Out of Your New Launch

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