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You’re making good progress on a recent project then a friend or another business owner points out a shiny, new tool. Suddenly, you’re distracted. You stop working on your current product and stop to review this new offer.

Within a few minutes, you’re reaching for that ‘buy’ button. If this has happened to you a few times, you’re not alone. It’s easy to let shiny, new tech distract you from your workload.

With The Great Distraction Of New Tech report, you’ll find out how to evaluate new tech, discover which tools to use, and learn how to say “no” to tools that won’t help you reach your goals. Here’s a peek at what you’ll see in your workbook…

  • Are You Getting Caught Up in the Bright Shiny Object Spiral?
  • Master Your Existing Tools before You Buy New Ones
  • 3 Reasons You Keep Getting Distracted by New Tech
  • Don’t Say “Yes” to New Tools until You’ve Asked These Questions
  • Set Ground Rules before You Buy New Tech

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