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Do you find it challenging to make time to work out each day? You’re not alone. We spend so many hours working, often at a desk, that it may seem impossible to get to the gym.

So why not bring the gym to your desk?

There are many ways to stay fit while you sit, and work out from your chair when you take a break, or even while you are doing your job. It’s easy once you discover the best seats, equipment, and fitness routines you can do while sitting down.

Download this guide to staying fit while you sit and you will discover:

  • The main mobility and workout challenges seniors, people with disabilities, and busy people face, and how to deal with them
  • The variety of chairs and equipment you can use to get a great work out sitting down
  • Chair yoga poses to tone and trim
  • How to do calisthenics and use light weights as part of your seated workout
  • What resistance bands are, and how you can get great full body workouts with them even while sitting

Some experts say sitting for too many hours is worse for your health than smoking. It’s time to get moving in your chair while you work, for a toned, trimmer you.

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