Starting Right with New Subscribers Opt-In Page

What if you had an opt-in gift set up that was just right for your community? What if you had the tech pieces in place so you felt confident about what you were doing? What if you watched your list grow effortlessly every month?

With the Starting Right with New Subscribers workbook, you’ll discover what pages you need for your mailing list, why you need a nurture sequence, and how to start making offers to your subscribers. Here’s a peek at what you’ll see in your workbook…

  • 4 Tips for Creating an Awesome “Almost There” Page
  • Polish Your Pick Up Page Now
  • How to Welcome Your New Subscribers to Your Mailing List
  • Create a Warm Nurture Series to Woo Your Audience
  • Email Marketing Mistakes that Are Killing Your List (& How to Revive It!)

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