How to Profit from Your Mailing List Opt-In Page

You’ve heard the expression, “The money is in the list”. But you’ve always wanted to ask someone, “How do I do that? How can I turn my subscribers into buyers that are eager for my recommendations and products?”

Find the answer to these questions in the Make Money with Your Mailing List workbook. You’ll learn how to effectively sell your services to subscribers, what products to promote to your list, and the secret to creating a course that your mailing list can’t wait to get their hands on. You’ll also discover…

  • 3 Ways to Profit from Your List
  • Sell Your Services to Your Subscribers
  • Pre-Sell Your Digital Product to Your Mailing List
  • Create Amazing Affiliate Promotions for Your Subscribers
  • Keep the Money Flowing: Design Follow Up Campaigns
  • Make Offers to Your Subscribers Regularly

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