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What if you felt like you had all the time you needed to accomplish everything you wanted to? What if you knew you had permission to add your projects to your calendar without fearing you would run out of time? What if you could make room for more of what you love in your life?

With the Maximizing the Value of Your Time workbook, you’ll discover why taking radical responsibility for your time is the answer,  what it takes to create an amazing schedule you love, and how to make your time incredibly valuable to your clients. Here’s a peek at what you’ll see in your workbook…

  • Why You’re Not a Victim of Time
  • It’s Time to Get Real about How You Spend Your Time
  • Say ‘No’ to Invitations without Hurt Feelings or Stress
  • Dump the Busy Work & Spend Your Time Doing What You Love
  • All the Time You Need is Already Yours

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