Lean into More Joy in Business in the New Year Opt-In Page

Do you feel chained to a business you hate? Are you constantly completing tasks that don’t light you up and spark your creativity? Do you worry that you’re sacrificing all of your time for just a few dollars?

With the Lean into More Joy in Business in the New Year workbook, you’ll discover the transformative power of joy in business, how to embrace more essence, and create a business that delights you. Here’s a peek at what you’ll see in your workbook…

  • Where Did the Excitement Go?
  • The Difference Between Ego & Essence
  • How Ego & Essence Show Up in Business
  • 3 Questions to Lean into Essence
  • Choose Your Influencers with Intention
  • Creating in Essence and Joy
  • When You Encounter Dream Crushers
  • It’s OK to Make a Mess
  • Aim for the Audacious

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