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Do you struggle with negativity? Are you constantly complaining about all the things that suck in your life? Do you worry about not having enough or think others are trying to cheat you out of what’s yours?

With the When You’re Grateful, You’re Glowing workbook, you’ll discover the transformative power of gratitude, discover how to start a daily thankful list, and create a life that reflects your values. Here’s a peek at what you’ll see in your workbook…

  • Chill Out & Reduce Stress with Gratitude
  • Use Thankfulness to Overcome Any Obstacle
  • Grow Closer to Your Loved Ones with Gratitude
  • Focus on Thankfulness & Tap into More Creativity
  • Discover the Beauty of Self-Love with Gratitude
  • Let Thankfulness Help You Maximize Your Life
  • Gratitude Can Make You a Giver
  • Boost Your Health with Thankfulness

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