Five Ways to Get Your Mailing List Started Opt-in Page

You know you should have a mailing list. You keep hearing that but you’re stuck and you don’t know where to start. Which service do you use? What should your opt-in gift be? How will you grow it?

With the Five Ways to Get Your Mailing List Started guide, you’ll discover how to build a list that your visitors are eager to join, what to say in your welcome email, and tips for growing your platform in exciting new ways. Here’s a sneak peek at what the workbook covers…

  • The ABCs of Creating Your Own Mailing List
  • Give to Get: Using Giveaway Events to Kickstart Your List
  • Why You Need to Be Posting Video to These Three Websites
  • How to Borrow Someone Else’s Platform to Grow Your List
  • The 2 Best Social Networks for Sending Traffic to Your Website

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