How To Fire Your Itty Bitty &#$*@! Committee Opt-In Page

Do you long to create a life that you love? Are you tired of living for others and caring about their opinions? Do you long to pursue you dreams—dreams that maybe your community doesn’t approve of?

With the How To Fire Your Itty Bitty &#$*@! Committee workbook, you’ll discover how to let go of your need for approval, find out how to step into your best self, and learn what it takes to stand up for yourself! Here’s a peek at what you’ll see in your workbook…

  • Why Do You Care What Others Think?
  • The Problem with Waiting for Approval
  • Embracing the IDGAF Mindset
  • Letting Go of What Doesn’t Matter
  • Know Your Values & Focus on Them
  • Resources to Set You Free from Your Need for Approval
  • Trust Yourself Profoundly

Stop living by committee and start living for you! Just sign up below:


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