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What if you stopped listening to the people who make you doubt yourself? What if you stopped playing small just because somebody convinced you it was the right thing to do? What if you made room in your life for a community of champions filled with energy and enthusiasm?

With the Border Bullies workbook, you’ll find out why some well-meaning folks want to keep you safe, how to gently reassure them, and why you should grab your gusto and go after your BIG dreams. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside the workbook…

  • Define the Border Bully
  • Why the Ones You Loved Are Border Bullies
  • Don’t Let Border Bullies Drive You Notes
  • Transform Border Bullies into Your Biggest Cheerleaders
  • Create a Community of Champions Right Now

Let go of everyone that weighs you down and discover new adventures with this workbook! Just sign up below:


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